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Brayton House


Brayton House Roof Repaired
The roof of the Brayton House (c. 1860) at Green Animals was leaking, and water damage was beginning to occur.  The roof repairs, completed in the summer of 2003, included the following elements:
  • Removed wood shingles, roof flashing, building paper, decayed roof sheathing and gutters
  • Rebuilt four of the five chimneys, matching original chimney profiles, coursing, brick dimensions and colors. New copper flashing and chimney caps installed. Chimneys primed and painted to match original colors
  • Decayed plywood roof sheathing replaced using stainless steel ring nails
  • Ice and Water Shield membrane added at all eaves, valleys, ridges and around all roof penetrations (skylights, dormers, etc.). Eave and rake flashing installed, “Cedar Breather” membrane installed over sheathing and new Alaskan Yellow cedar shingles installed
  • Zinc protective strips added along base of top shingle course
  • All flashing replaced with 20 oz. lead coated copper flashing
  • New lead coated copper gutters and downspouts installed
  • New shingle roof Woodguard coating applied