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Historic Preservation

The mission of The Preservation Society of Newport County is to "protect, preserve and present an exceptional collection of house museums and landscapes" in Newport, Rhode Island.  This collection includes:
  • 11 historic properties dating from 1748 to 1902
  • 13 additional historic structures including carriage and stable houses, greenhouses, and a Chinese-style tea house
  • more than 88 acres of landscape, including a topiary garden, a 17th century cemetery, and an arboretum of over 1,800 rare and indigenous trees, and
  • approximately 55,000 decorative and fine arts objects.

Ensuring that its historic properties are preserved to the highest standards is the Preservation Society's top priority.

Over the past ten years alone, the Preservation Society has spent more than $42 million maintaining the properties and landscapes under its stewardship.

Recent major projects have included: